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Journaling 101 is a 7-week online course that teaches you how to cultivate a journaling practice that will nourish your resilience and well-being.

We've organized this course to be practice focused. You will be learning why journaling is helpful for growing mental wellness and deepening resilience. You will try out various journaling activities, and we will help you build the foundations for a consistent journaling practice that leaves you feeling more confident, authentic, and in control.

You are eligible for this course if you

Are new to journaling or have had trouble adopting journaling as a consistent well-being and self-care practice.

Self-paced learning and practice

There are no scheduled meetings. You can opt-in to our Community of Practice sessions, challenges, and events.

Optional 1:1 Support

Purchase the online course alone or add two 60-minute support sessions to help you quickly integrate your learning.

Digital Micro-Credentials

Show others the emotional intelligence and soft skills you've learned in this course with a digital micro-credential badge.

Journaling 101 Online Course

Journaling 101 Online Course

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Learn how to cultivate a journaling practice that nourishes your health and well-being.

In this course, you will be introduced to different journal styles, and you will learn why journaling is a valuable practice for reducing burnout, treating fatigue and anxiety, and why the technique is helpful for processing traumatic experiences. You will also learn how to avoid common journaling missteps that can detract from your psychological safety and how to build consistency and avoid boredom with your journaling practice.

What you will get from this course:

  1. Improved self-regulation and stress coping skills.
  2. The ability to process events and emotions in a healthy way.
  3. The ability to 'switch off' and transition into sleep states at the end of the day.
  4. Access to monthly live online journaling and mindfulness practice sessions, check-in events and challenges.
  5. Digital micro-credential badge that shows the soft skills you learned in this course.

Good to Know:

  • This is a 100% self-directed online course. There are no scheduled meetings. All community events and challenges are optional.
  • This course is supported by online events and activities in the Community of Practice. Learn more about our community of practice here. Access to the community and all workbooks and resources are included in your course fee.
  • You will receive a free copy of the Firefly Blank Page Journal. The journal will be mailed to you within one business day after your registration is confirmed. 

One-on-One Support Add-On: Receive two 60-minute journaling coaching sessions to help you integrate your new learning so you can quickly and sustainably grow a journaling practice that nourishes your health and well-being.

One-on-One Support Benefits:

  • Flexible meeting times - meet on your schedule.
  • Go deeper with course topics and practices that fit your needs.
  • Have a sounding board for reflections and ideas about your growing journaling practice.

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