About the Studio.

The Untold Stories Studio was created by Dr. Patlee Creary in 2021 to help people from all walks of life find better states of mental health and well-being. The studio is located in Pinawa, Manitoba. From here, Patlee delivers writing and communications coaching, corporate training and retreats, as well as structured workshops and bite-sized learning sessions for youth and adults.

The studio has an online learning annex called the Game Changers Community. This is where Patlee delivers online services to her adult clients. The physical studio space is used for in-person offerings. Both delivery methods serve as engaging ways to bring mindfulness, mental health, and well-being skills training to people who are underserved by typical wellness services.

Patlee also designs crafted journals and planners, affirmation cards, note cards, and other products that support journaling and mindfulness practices. The products are available for purchase online or in-person at the studio.

Online & In-Person Workshops.

From bite-sized 30 minute sessions to year-long, structured programs - find a workshop that meets you where you are.

Thoughtful Tools & Gifts.

Experience the power of putting words on paper in mindful and thoughtful ways with journals and cards from the Untold Stories Studio.

A Place to Unwind.

Patlee's vision of the studio is that it be seen as a safe space away from the hustle and bustle of major city centers, but only a short and accessible drive away. As you enter the fringes of the Canadian Shield, noticing the rise of the boreal forests and the flow of the Winnipeg River, you will see why Patlee insists that the drive to Pinawa is part of the unwinding and de-stressing that commuting clients experience when they attend an in-person event at the studio.

You get the same feeling of unwinding when you check into the Game Changers Community network. Without traveling anywhere, clients are transported into a space that encourages release, reflection, and renewal.

Plan your Day Trip.

Pinawa is a resort-like community that lies at the edge of the Whiteshell Provincial Park, just 110 km from Winnipeg. Plan a trip to the studio and discover all of what the town has to offer.

A Name with Meaning.

Even so, the studio is more than a place for rest and relaxation. The heavy work of dealing with mental health struggles is gracefully captured within the business's name. Drawing on a well-known quote attributed to Maya Angelou, 'there is no greater agony than bearing and untold story inside you' and the 1990s reggae ballad, Untold Stories,Patlee has proclaimed the studio to be a space where stories of workplace burnout, anxiety, depression, and other things that affect mental health and well-being are respectfully and compassionately held, without shame or judgement.

The arresting name foreshadows the process of unpacking self-stories, while teaching people the skills that will help them take back their power and build resilience so that they can reduce their stress and anxiety and respond well in challenging situations.

Corporate Workshops & Retreats.

Explore the range of corporate workshop topics or request a workshop package tailored to your orgnization's needs.

Community Driven.

Patlee has developed an effective model for moving the feeling of being in the physical studio into all her courses and workshops. By combining a community-based approach to learning and practicing mental health skills with a workshop approach that involves talking about, practicing, and performing the learned skills, clients are never left wanting.

A key feature of most of the workshops you can take at the Untold Stories Studio is the use of accessible technology that delivers content and support to participants whenever they need it, and even after their workshop ends.

Computer and smart phone friendly technology such as Zoom videoconferencing and the Game Changers Community network delivers online learning flexibility as well as 24/7 resource access and ongoing support. For instance, with the Game Changers app, users can connect with an Untold Stories Studio micro-workshop or attend weekly live check-ins from anywhere in the world with their smart phone. The GC Community is also a curated space for workshop alumni. It gives them a touchpoint for continuing their mental health and well-being journey at their own pace. 

With this mix of services and resources, it is easy to see why Patlee claims that the studio is both a concept and a physical space that makes people feel humanized, valued, and belonging to a community as they move towards better states of mental health and well-being.  

- AP.15.09.22

Game Changers Community.

Get 24/7 bite-sized mindfulness and mental health skills training wherever you are with a Game Changers Community membership.