Journaling Stream

Progress through courses and participate in events that will teach you how to use journaling to increase your mental well-being and build mental and emotional resilience.

Courses in this stream:

  1. How to Journal - Beginner

  2. How to Journal - Intermediate

  3. How to Journal - Advanced

  4. How to Journal - Master

  5. How to Journal - Creator

    Start with How to Journal - Beginner and progress to How to Journal - Creator level at your pace. We open new courses bi-monthly to give you time to process and reflect on the skills you just learned and see how they work for you in real life.

    You can start the next course in your stream whenever you are ready. It takes four to six weeks to complete each level. To prevent overwhelm, we open new topics weekly so you have time to complete the assignments and practices.

    What's included:

    • Premium access to the Game Changers Community.
    • Unlimited access to community practice sessions and group events.
    • Next-level courses are available every other month.
    • Digital micro-credential badges for each level completed.


    Absolutely! Premium Members can change streams at any time during their membership. Once you have completed at least one level in your current stream, you can choose a different learning and practice stream. You can even return to your original stream after completing a level in another stream.

    Yes. We've structured this stream to guide you through a sequence of lessons and practices that will get you results. Even if you are accustomed to journaling, we are sure you will find something in each course level that will help you think and act differently to achieve better well-being and improve your mental and emotional resilience.

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