Be Resilient.
Live Authentically.

Skills and practices to level up your wellness and well-being.

Write the next steps of your story.

Your stories represent your experiences and choices, and you express your stories differently. From how you process your thoughts and emotions to how you manage your conflicts and stressors, you are constantly telling and listening to stories about yourself, your relationship with others, and your place in the world.

We will teach you how to grow your well-being, deepen your resilience, and connect with your best self-story so that you can show up better in your life, feeling more confident and authentic and better able to support the people you care for.

Our online courses and in-person retreats are designed and delivered from a trauma-sensitive and experience-focused lens using well-researched, secular, and inclusive mindfulness, personal storytelling, and journaling techniques. We will teach you the power of looking inwards, learning from your stories, and writing the next steps of your journey through life.

Attend a Retreat

Imagine finding yourself in a place where calm and stability await. A place where Nature inspires mindfulness and every detail is designed to give you Space. Space to recover your energy. Space to realign your compass. Space to rediscover your capacity.

Find your space for calm, peace, and inspiration in a group or private retreat with us at our retreat studio in Pinawa, Manitoba.


To help you reset and find balance after a challenging week.

Private Studio

1:1 Learning and Practice tailored to your needs.

Half-Day &
One-Day Retreats

Workshop-style practices with guided outdoor experiences.

Guiding you to mental well-being through your own writing.

Untold stories like anxiety, mental health worries, identity crises, failure, grief, and burnout are hardly ever expressed, but they often become the overriding narratives that shape your sense of self. Without the right kind of attention, these stories eat at who you are until you become a shadow of yourself, feeling too tired, stressed out, flawed, and broken to remember your purpose.

We teach journaling, memoir writing, mindfulness and storytelling courses to help you rediscover your purpose, reestablish your identity, and redefine who you are. Revive yourself with one of our online courses, or join us for ongoing learning and support in our online community.

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Journaling 101 is a 7-week online course that teaches you how to cultivate a journaling practice that will nourish your resilience and well-being so you can rediscover your inner strengths and reopen yourself to all of life's possibilities.

Learn and practice in any stream.

Choose courses from our journaling, mindfulness, or storytelling stream and progress through supported courses that will help you grow mindfulness and well-being skills while building community.

Realign with supportive tools.

Our mindfulness and journaling tools support the re-centring work that we do. We design them to help you build skills and practices that actually stick. Each item is 100% Manitoba made with sustainability and local small business support in mind.

Limited Edition
Journaling Gift Set
Take a moment to unwind and take stock of where you are and what you have experienced with this Limited Edition Gift Set. This set is ideal for beginners and journaling pros.
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