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Corporate and One-on-One Services

Are you a small to medium sized business or non-profit that's looking to improve your staff and client experience? Do you have a writing project or presentation that you need to improve or elevate? 

Learn more about the corporate and group workshops and individual writing and communications coaching services I offer.

1:1 Writing & Communication Coaching.

Every report, proposal, paper, and presentation you deliver is a chance to tell a story about people, experiences, lessons, and impact. I can help you spark connection and action with your next writing and communication project.

Corporate Workshops & Retreats.

I help small to medium sized groups and businesses recognize, unpack, and reframe their interpersonal and employer-employee stories so that everyone can achieve optimal states of productivity and wellness at work.

Get In Touch

Send me your questions about my Corporate and Individual Services or request a free discovery call.

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