Take Time to Restore Yourself

Find yourself in a 90-minute, half-day, or one-day retreat that will give you the time and space you need to restore yourself. 

Our retreats combine mindfulness and journaling practices to help you recover your wellness and well-being and deepen your resilience so you can feel re-energized and renewed.

Retreat Packages

90-Minute Retreats

To help you reset and find balance after a challenging week.

One-Day &
Half-Day Retreats.

Workshop-style practices with guided outdoor experiences.

Private Studio Session

1:1 learning and practice tailored to your needs.

Why We Use Journaling and Mindfulness Practices

All our retreat sessions include journaling and mindfulness practices that help you pay attention to how your mind works while building skills for being present and aware, regardless of the circumstances.

Journaling is a proven tool for helping people process emotions, thoughts, and events in a safe and restorative way. We use mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), a secular and inclusive form of evidence-based mental wellness training, to help you improve your mental strength. Regular mindfulness and journaling practices can help you lower your anxiety reactions and lead to better mental and emotional health.

Retreat Results

When you retreat with us, you will learn how to effectively use mindfulness and journaling together to stay connected to the present moment while looking at expectations and challenges more objectively. You will leave the retreat feeling more relaxed, authentic, and empowered in your self-care and decision-making so you can show up more confidently and at ease in your life.

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