Mindfulness Tools & Gifts

Mindfulness Tools & Gifts

Use the power of your story to improve your mental and emotional health and elevate the moods of those around you.

Your stories are powerful tools that can transform relationships, improve mental health outlooks, heal others, and build community. Your stories deserve to be written down so you can remember them, process them, and, if you wish, share them with others.

You can experience the power of putting words on paper in mindful and thoughtful ways with our mindfulness tools and gifts. Writing something deep and meaningful is not only rewarding, it can restore your emotional energy and lead to feeling of calm. You share this beneficial emotional energy with others when you deliver a handwritten object like a thoughtful message or words of gratitude.

I created a line of simple, yet effective, mindfulness tools and gifts to help you do that. My journals, note cards, and thought cards are designed to help you unwind, nourish, and rebuild your sense of self. 

Each product is a creative representation of the expressive storytelling work that I do. They are inspired by my workshop outcomes and include some of my client's creative work that I have been given permission to share. This means that when you use or gift an Untold Stories Studio product, you are connecting to real people and real stories of mindfulness, well-being, and growth.

These tools and gifts are professionally printed in single-run small batches and I work with printers that support re-forestry initiatives. I also work with local artisans and small business that put their heart and soul into what that they do. Your purchase helps to support these small business as well as my own.

Good to Know:

  • You can visit the studio for in-person shopping and free in-store pickup of online orders or take advantage of Canada-wide shipping. 
  • There is a 7-day return and refund policy on all Mindfulness Tools & Gifts.
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