Community of Practice

Community of Practice

Experience Reinvention.

The Game Changers Community is a private, subscription-based community of practice where you can access included online courses and participate in live-online events that teach you how to improve your mental wellness and build resilience so you can better support yourself and the people you care about. 

Membership Options

Premium Membership

Premium Members get immediate access to the Game Changers network, our three learning and practice streams: journaling, mindfulness, and storytelling. Premium members pay a monthly or annual subscription fee and enjoy 20% off additional services and products when they spend $50 or more.

Basic Membership

A Basic Membership plan gives you access to our Monthly Challenge activities and select online events. There are no subscriptions for a Basic Membership plan. Basic Members must upgrade to a Premium Membership to access a learning and practice stream.

Learn and do more with Streams.

Start with a premium membership, then choose your first course in any of our three learning and practice streams. We will guide you with supported learning, community practice sessions, monthly check-ins, and unique tools that deliver results.