Our Tree Story

Our Tree Story

un·told (adjective): a story, experience or event not narrated, recounted, or disclosed.

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." - Maya Angelou

We all have untold stories. Like towering trees with deep and unseen roots, we each have stories that we tend to not talk about. These are our stories of fear, resilience, shame, triumph, struggle, loss of a loved one, and even loss of self. But they are also stories of resilience, bravery, triumph, truth, and finding our authenticity.

At the Untold Stories Expressive Storytelling Studio, we gently unpack those stories as we nurture community while helping people create new stories that support their growth towards better states of mental and emotional health. We do this because everyone has stories. Some are told; many are untold. Yet it is in the untold stories that we find our power, strengths, and ability to heal.

We are called the Untold Stories Expressive Storytelling Studio because we provide workshops, host events, and build a community of care as we help individuals find worthwhile ways of expressing the stories we have been conditioned to not talk about.

We use well-researched mindfulness, lived experience storytelling, journaling, and conflict transformation practices to promote learning, connection, and growth. Occasionally, we make beautiful art along the way, either in the form of stories and poems or visual art pieces created by workshop participants who wish to outlet their story, or mindfulness tools that become a receptacle for the stories that inhabit all of us.

Our starting point is understanding and paying attention to our untold stories. These stories, the ones that are never recounted or narrated, are as much a part of our growth as the identity and role stories that we tell others on a daily basis. Facing and understanding each of our untold stories is integral to finding and maintaining better states mental and emotional health.

That’s why we use a tree as our logo. Our tree is a vibrant ‘mother tree’ with verdant leaves and thick branches that spread far and wide. Take a closer look at our tree and you will notice that its roots run as wide and as deep as the branches spread out above. Our tree logo reminds us that what is seen above is dependent on what happens beneath the surface.

Our human roots are our deepest, most vulnerable, and most compassionate stories. Whether we choose to share them or not, our stories drive and sustain us, and they also shape the stories of those around us and communicate the lived experiences we carry.

That's why the Untold Stories Studio exists. We help people find pathways to better states of mental and emotional health by employing well-researched mindfulness, conflict transformation, and lived experience storytelling practices in an expressive arts format that helps individuals develop new, more sustaining, self-stories.

We believe everyone has a story. We see each story as art and therapy, even the untold ones. Come and discover how we use the power of storytelling to reshape our outlook and get to better states of mental and emotional health.

You can join our supportive online community, take a workshop, or spend some time cultivating self-care on your own with one of our inspired mindfulness tools. In our studio, we hold space for you, your stories, and your infinite possibilities.